Firefly Game – New Expansions!

Heads up “Firefly” game fans, because there’s nothing like having even more cards and counters at your disposal when you aim to misbehave!

“Take to the skies in two new ships for Firefly: The Game, the Esmeralda and the Jetwash. Built on the latest Firefly chassis, both of these ships are top-of-the-line Series IV Firefly vessels. At their core, each ship has a superior drive core, more cargo space and a secure fuel exchange system. Each ship also comes pre-equipped with specialty upgrades optimized to maximize their use for certain tasks and jobs”.

Firefly tabletop game expansion Jetwash - Gameapalooza AustraliaTake a Jetwash with this new Firefly game expansion

Firefly tabletop game expansion Esmeralda - Gameapalooza AustraliaHere she is, it’s Esmeralda the Firefly game expansion

Check out more detailed info over at the official Firefly Game page.