Fireteam Zero – Board Game Review

It seems more and more games are starting their lives on Kickstarter and “Fireteam Zero” is no exception. A heavily thematic miniatures game, “Fireteam Zero” sees players taking on the roles of soldiers from 1942. Highly skilled and members of the First Ranger Battalion, they’ve been tasked with fighting – in secret – the supernatural enemies invading the earth.

At its heart “Fireteam Zero” is a tactical, horror cooperative game that sees up to four players traversing a map with randomly spawning monsters, whilst also having to search the area and complete various tasks. The map is laid out according to the scenario, there’s a soundtrack to add atmosphere to certain parts of the game and of course those miniatures.

Fireteam Zero board game written review by gameapalooza australian tabletop game news reviewsFireteam Zero is one cracker of a board game – Thematic, engaging and fun.

Setup, Gameplay of Fireteam Zero
Setup of “Fireteam Zero” is simple enough, settle on a chosen scenario (starting with the first), lay out the play area as instructed, set the spawn points, set the monsters aside for that given scenario. Players choose their characters and are given the matching miniature, all of which are placed on the start space. Monsters are randomly spawned using a die roll and matching it to the markers on the play area. That’s pretty much things setup other than the players hand of 5 cards, allowing for various actions, bonuses on attacks etc.

As you know we don’t usually go into the game rules in depth here on Gameapalooza, because we prefer to discuss gameplay because that’s more important. In summation of the game setup “Fireteam Zero” is simple enough and takes about 5 minutes to do.

Now, about that gameplay. “Fireteam Zero” manages something fairly miraculous, turn based, thematically rich, story driven fun. The game pacing has been nigh on perfect almost every time we’ve played it, the random twist cards that change the game as play happens, really clever, but perhaps best of all, the event cards drawn on search. Have you found something your team needs or is it something mindbendingly odd that will aid you or screw you over in game? Well who knows, it’s a random draw and it’s yet another epic part of what makes “Fireteam Zero” so much fun, whilst also adding to the storytelling.

Fireteam Zero written review - Board game reviews by Gameapalooza AustraliaFireteam Zero game contents. Pretty spiffy eh?

Game Build Quality
When we received “Fireteam Zero” we were pretty blown away by that giant box and the miniatures within. Whilst not the best minis we’ve seen, the quality of them and the game overall is really top notch. Everything in “Fireteam Zero” is great quality, though the location tiles could be a little less on the ‘omg they might curl at the corners’ side. Overall though, great quality.

Gameapalooza House Rules
Zero, zip, none. “Fire team Zero” works so well as it is, none were needed.

1-4 Players

Ages: 14+

Setup Time: A few minutes
Pay time: Approx 90 minutes.

“Fire team Zero” is a fun, story driven cooperative game for 1-4 players. Thematically rich, fairly easy to set up and play, “Fireteam Zero” has some really great touches. The story twist card that appears every few rounds and the events that see things occurring within the game framework keep the players on their toes and really add to the game overall. We had a lot of fun with “Fireteam Zero” and we’ve added it to our main play library, another member of the team also ordered it after some review playthroughs. Definitely one for you to check out, we’d say even buy.

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[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Fireteam Zero is a must play game and probably a must buy. Great miniatures, compelling stories, tight combat and pacing make Fireteam Zero a really great game. If you’re looking for a fun cooperative game that’s story rich and fairly simple to pick up, give Fireteam Zero some consideration.[/authorinfo] [/author]

Game supplied by VR Distribution Australia. We thank them for their support of the Australian market.