Fletter card word game - Review:

Fletter is a card based word game from Binca Games. Make words, score the most points, win, it’s really that simple, or is it? If you’re a fan of word games - like me - you’re probably wondering if anything sets Fletter apart from the many other card based word games on the market (and non-card based). I guess that difference would be 'speed'. Let’s take a closer look at Fletter from Binca Games.

What you have in your hand is an exciting, challenging, adrenalin-pumping word game.

Most word games are not based around time, they’re based around making the biggest word, thus scoring the most points. Fletter is based around speed and frantic word spotting.

A game for 2-4 players (though I can’t help but feel you could actually go over that upper limit no problem), Fletter begins with all cards being shuffled together aside from 10 cards used for penalties. All remaining cards are then divided equally amongst the players (That’s 100 cards all up).

Cards are held face down in the players hand with no peeking! The top card is then flipped and placed onto the central play area in view of all players. Each player does this in clockwise rotation making sure all letters are in view until a word can be made by someone. The letters are laid randomly in any orientation, not in a straight neat line (as in the image above), this actually makes it harder to make words.

Played over 4 rounds Fletter also has strict rules per round. In round one words must be 3-letter words only. In round two it’s 4-letter words, round three 5-letter and round four 6-letter.

And herein is where Fletter differs from other word games, see a word, yell it out as fast as you can. If two or more players yell out the same word at the same time, those cards are removed from the game and you score nothing. If two players say two different words, they get the cards only if none of the letters overlap with the other player(s), otherwise those words are also discarded. You also can’t say the same word twice!

There’s blank cards for wilds and penalty scoring cards (Flettered) that are given to players when they screw up. Say a word not on the table, you get a Flettered card, shouting out the wrong length word in the wrong numbered round, you get a Flettered card. These deduct points at the wend of the game.

Fletter is played over 4 rounds, the winner is the player with the most points at the end.

Quality wise the cards are great, they’re essentially flat silken finish playing card stock. If I had one negative to say it would be the box, but then I just hate tuck boxes. Fletter deserves to be in a nice standard pro box with a slip on lid. As if to raise my hackles even further Fletter comes in THREE tuck boxes, two standard deck sized tucks in a double tuck sized box. WHY!!

So my tuck box gripes aside, what did I think of Fletter overall? I actually really liked it and I think it lives up to the quote above found on the back of the box “What you have in your hand is an exciting, challenging, adrenalin-pumping word game”.

Because it’s about how fast you can do something, mistakes are easy to make, you might yell out a word of the wrong length, leading to laughter from your friends. You might yell out a word you’re sure was there a second ago, but now one of the letters is missing! It is actually a really fun, simple little game.

So that’s Fletter from Binca Games. If you love word games, I recommend this one, it even works well with the lower player count of 2, though gets more manic / fun with more.

Fletter, a fun, frantic word game for friends.