Fog of Love now available in Australian FLGS:

Happy Valentines Day everyone, whether you're single or not we hope you have a good day and it's about to get better. The Fog of Love board game is now available on Aussie shelves.

If you live in the US or backed the game on Kickstarter you've been able to play it for awhile, but now in Australia you can ask your local FLGS for it.

Fog of Love board game Australian release for valentines day

Fog of Love is a romantic comedy board game and it's like nothing else you will have played. If you haven't tried it we highly recommend it, it's a beautiful game and you learn as you play. Fog of Love is a two player only game also - since you're playing a couple in a relationship - so it's the perfect game to get someone for Valentines Day.

Check with your local game store and see if they've got it in stock and if they do... go get it, it's just that good.

Thank us later.