Fog of Love Tabletop Game TLDR Review:

Fog of Love tabletop game TLDR review

Fog of love is - according to the box - “romantic comedy as a board game”. A two-player only game, Fog of Love puts the players into the roles of characters, undertaking a romantic relationship.

Characters are created with random card draws. Occupation, physical features and traits dictate who you are, gender, name and backstory are up to you. The overall concept sounds simple, but incredibly smart game mechanics and a bit of role-playing make for a truly fascinating and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Relationship events occur dependent on the scenario you’re playing, they may be sweet, serious or drama! Your characters need to accrue tokens to certain areas of the personality area on the board, so you need to respond by choosing one of the options on the story card. These may fly in the face of what your partner wants or needs.

Fog of Love is a triumph in board game design because it goes beyond what is usual for a game. It meshes role-playing and beautiful board game design into a truly special gaming experience. Oh and it comes with a play as you learn tutorial. Wonderful. Get it!

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