Kids Table Board Gaming ‘Food Fighters’ – Review

In a kitchen somewhere when all the humans have gone to bed, the food is revolting, no it's not Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, it's Food Fighters from Kids Table BG. The food is quite literally revolting, as in it is a full on foodie rebellion, it's meat versus veggies, a battle as old as time itself! Who will win, can Broccoli overcome bacon (never!! mmm bacon), can the chicken outwit the onion?! Fight!

Setup, Gameplay of Food Fighters
Setup in food fighters is simple enough, it's meat versus vegetables! Each faction sets out their battle area, placing a 3×3 grid of ingredients adjacent to each other. Pantry items are stored to the side of the play area and you're good to go.

Food Fighters by Kids Table Board Gaming - Review by Gameapalooza gameplayVegetables arm yourselves! Veggies take up your spoons!

Gameplay takes place in turn order. On your turn you can do various actions. These include rolling the dice for beans (these add to your kitty so you can purchase items from the pantry stores), choosing to maneuver your food fighters into different positions (swap), or you can attack.

That's essentially the main turn choices, but that's not all you can do, you can also check out what's in the pantry and make some tasty purchases. Items in the pantry include an additional die, frying pans (blocks your one track mind and hit anyone), crackers (act as a shield), spoons (hit someone in the same row, not just adjacent) and lastly, cards with special abilities. A little note about the art and pantry components, it’s cute how when you use something like the spoon, cracker or frying pan that it looks like the food is holding the pieces. The last thing you do is fill any gaps in the battlefield. That’s it, remove three ingredients of the same type from the battlefield and you've won.

Given this is a kids game the artwork and overall look of the game is quite cartoony, but there's actually a wee bit of strategy to be had here. Sure it's a game you can play with kids, but it's not just a kids game. We played with other adults for the sake of this review and they all enjoyed it for the most part. The one thing that let it down – and it’s a small thing, though it was mentioned by a couple of people we played it with – was an imbalance in special cards (cost and abilities), but that’s really just nitpicking.

Game Build Quality
The game build quality is really top notch, from the box, to the pieces to the tiles. Really nice, Kids Table certainly didn't scrimp on the quality here. The food cards are actually solid cardboard, not your usual thin stock card and the pantry items all wooden. The cards are just cards, but still, good stock. Overall, excellent quality.

Gameapalooza House Rules
We played a couple of games removing the cards from the pantry, to even the playing field. The imbalance of the pantry cards was the one downer most gamers mentioned in the playthroughs.

2 Players
Ages: 8+
Setup Time: A couple of minutes

Overall there’s really not a lot negative to say about Food Fighters from Kids Table Board Gaming. They’ve managed just the perfect recipe and dished up a light, fun, family game. The components are high quality, the artwork is on point and the gameplay – though light – brings just enough fun to make this worthy of a place on your fillers shelf. Check it out if you get the chance.