Labyrinth movie board game in development!

River Horse games had some exciting news this week. They’ve been working with The Jim Henson Company and have “secured the licence [sic] to make a board game based on the magical film Labyrinth”.

Yes “Labyrinth”, firm favorite of the Gameapalooza team is getting the board game treatment (not to be confused with the Ravensburger game Labyrinth). But wait, remember that “Princess Bride” board game, yeah, proof that just because you have an amazing basis for a game, it doesn’t automatically make for an amazing board game. As far as licensed games based on huge IP’s go, the really superb ones are few and far between (“Legendary” is one of our favorites at the moment).

We really hope the “Labyrinth” board game is everything the movie is and we can’t wait for its release. River Horse Games leave us hanging…

We can’t, at time of writing, tell you much more about it at the moment, but rest assured that the film is a firm favorite here at River Horse and we are very excited to be making the game.

Fingers crossed everyone, sounds like they are fans too, so you never know, they may just do it justice.