Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for the third week in August 2015

Another week and more tabletop gaming news. It’s been a pretty soft week for Australian game news, but we’ve got the usual roundup of world news in tabletop gaming. Remember, we do this every week, because we love you… really.

Games Workshop have a lot coming up with a full rebrand and product line. New stores will be opening worldwide and stores will be rebranded simply “Warhammer“, no more Games Workshop.

Warlord Games snags popular Doctor Who license. One would expect to see Doctor Who miniature games at some point in the future. Timey Wimey.

In what has been a crazy week for ‘leaked images’ (you really have to question these so called ‘leaks’), “Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game” saw leaks of an Episode VII starter set. You can see the minis below (Image Credit: Reddit). The other big leak this week for tabletop gamers was the other image below, the new “Star Wars: Risk” title, in which the board appears to be based on Darth’s TIE Fighter, sweet.

Star Wars X-Wing minis leakedSo many leaks, so little time.

Star Wars Risk image leak Another ‘leaked’ image, this time the new Star Wars Risk game

Next up, word that Jolly Roger Games has been acquired by Ultra Pro, though they will remain a separate entity with Ultra Pro essentially giving them a leg up with regards to distribution of its games. Great news for backers of “Cthulhu’s Vault” card game on Kickstarter, with Ultra Pro dealing with inventory.

Wizzkids is adding yet again to its “Star Trek: Attack Wing” brand by way of more expansions. If you’re a fan of the game you’ll see new packs arriving in February and March, in the form of “Star Trek:  Attack Wing Wave 23” and “Star Trek:  Attack Wing Wave 24”. Wave 22 is still set for a January release.

IDW Games has let the cat out of the bag regarding detail on upcoming game “V-Wars”, based on the comic. Released in December (U.S.), “V-Wars” centers on a war between vampires and humans, the twist? Humans can become infected, thus changing the games enemies and allies. The game comes with a whopping 120 models and 150 cards. Looking forward to this one.

“Rick and Morty” card and dice game in development. Word has it this will be an adult game, with some content definitely for the over 18 crowd. Fascinating, I guess we’ll see some time next year if that remains to be the case. Cryptozoic will publish.

And that is that, told you, light on the tabletop gaming news this week and next to no Australian specific gaming news, though don’t forget Aussie Kickstarter CatTube Famous still has 13 days to go.

Kickstarter highlight CatTube Famous Australia tabletop game news by GameapaloozaAussie game CatTube Famous is now on Kickstarter, give it a back… scratch…

Now it’s almost the weekend! Get to your tabletop game shelves and work out what delights will fun you for the next couple of days!