Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for the fourth week in August 2015

Tabletop gaming news in Australia is think on the ground this week, but we’ve got some local dev interviews coming up soon. In the meantime, let’s look at the news for the week just gone. We add to this post as the weekend progresses, to ensure you’re not missing any of the big tabletop game news that went down this last week. Why? Because we frackin love you. Let’s do this!

New edition of RPG “Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space” is inbound later this year. Everything has been updated to include the last season, whilst keeping it still compatible with previously released supplements.

An “Ascension” location effect theme pack is inbound from Stoneblade Entertainment Q1 2016. Location cards are shuffled into your Ascension deck and when flipped new rules take effect. If you love Ascension, this is good news as it only has an RRP of $10USD (let’s assume almost double that here in Australia).

Mayday Games announced “Garbage Day” for a Kickstarter release soon and a Q1 2016 proper release. “Garbage Day” is a new card game that has a balance mechanic. Basically keep your garbage can from overflowing by stacking your garbage cards on top of your plastic garbage can, included with the game.

Mayday Games Garbage Day Dexterity Game Kickstarter Release - Gaming news AustraliaYo dude your garbage can is overflowin! Mayday! Mayday!

Magic: The Gathering” is getting the “Puzzle Quest treatment thanks to Hibernum Creations. If you’re unfamiliar with “Puzzle Quest” is a digital puzzler with RPG elements and we can tell you from personal experience, it will suck months of your life away. “Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest” has an expected Q4 release for iOS and Android.

The Pokemon World Championships had a couple of looneys this year, with a 27 year old man and an 18 year old man arrested in Boston for numerous firearms charges. The pair had made violent threats against those attending the championships. As opposed to opting for a Poké Ball, these two jokers thought a 12-gauge shotgun, AR-15 rifle and bucket loads of ammo were a good idea. Merica WTF!

Pokemon Championships gunmen - Pikachu dances anywayEveryday they shufflin… gunmen.. who cares let’s dance!