Game News of the Week Aug 8-15 – Roundup:

Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for the second week in August 2015

Another week has swiftly passed and we’ve got some tabletop news that occurred this week that didn’t get full coverage. We do this every week, because we love you.

Let’s do this thing!
Cryptozoic Entertainment is set to hit Gamespot in the U.S. with their trading cards and tabletop games. That’s a whole lot of stores across the U.S. We contacted them to ask if this will be happening in Australia through EB Games and have had no response.

U.S. release set for “Alien vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins” by Ninja Division and it hits September 26 (no Aussie release date yet).

Crash Games comes to the rescue of failed Kickstarter fulfillment on “Pirate Den” game. They will be providing the original backers with their copy of the game after the original dev failed to deliver. “Pirate Den” is currently slated for Q4-2015 delivery to Crash Games.

Gale Force Nine producing “Star Trek” boardgames series. Set to launch during Q2 2016 other detail is sparse on the table.

Game Salute are bringing their “Keyflower” board game to trade in November (U.S.) along with expansions “Keyflower: The Farmers” and “Keyflower: The Merchants”.

Steve Jackson announces “Munchkin: Guest Artist Edition” and “Star Munchkin: Guest Artist Edition” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of “Munchkin” (seriously?? 15 YEARS?!). They’re set for a January release with more to follow later in 2016.

Portal Games announced “Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Steel Police”, the latest army for “Neuroshima Hex 3.0”. The Steel Police are the third army pack released this year, following Uranopolis and Mississippi.

Monte Cook announces two new source books for the “Numenera” roleplaying line. They are “Into the Deep” which is unsurprisingly set in the ocean and “Into the Outside” set around the idea of the prior worlds alternate reality worlds.

New “Eldritch Horror” expansion “Under the Pyramids” set for a Q4 release. The evil culties are trying to bring back a dark pharaoh (because that always ends well!) and you need to stop them, The expansion comes with a new board with new locations.

Ninja Division is set to release their upcoming game “Rail Raiders” via Kickstarter Q2 2016 and it looks pretty great with its mix of sci-fi and western.

And that fellow gamers is that! Anything else happening this week that we missed and you feel was exciting / interesting, why not drop it in the comments for other readers.