Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for 7 December through December 13, 2015

Ugh, another one bites the dust. A couple of the team backed “Wits & Wagers: Epic Geek“, but alas, this week it was canceled and is now set to return to Kickstarter for a relaunch in Jun 2016.

“Love Letter: Star Wars” is out, if you’re Russian. Thanks to licensing issues, the only place you can presently get the Star Wars version of popular card game “Love Letter” is in Russia. It’s all in Russian, so start brushing up if you want it fast. Titled “Star Wars: The Secret Invasion” you have to infiltrate the Death Star to help Princess Leia escape from prison. It’s available at Hobby World.

Star Wars The Secret Invasion aka Star Wars Love Letter - Gameapalooza Australian Tabletop Game News and ReviewsStar Wars The Secret Invasion aka Star Wars Love Letter .. save a cooler princess… not that she needs saving.

Valiant Universe is getting its own deck building game, in the aptly titled “Valiant Universe: The Deckbuilding Game”. It’s set to release mid 2016 and focuses – unsurprisingly – on the superheroes and characters of the Valiant Universe. Catalyst Game Labs are publishing.

Plaid Hat Games announced a bit more info on the expansion decks for “Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn”. April sees the release of expansion decks “The Frostdale Giants” and “The Children of Blackcloud”. After that a new Ashes deck will release about every 3 months. including illusion and charm magic mono decks at GenCon in August and sympathy and divine magi in November.

Much hyped “The Big Book of Madness” has it’s ‘proper’ release finally, via IELLO. This is a gorgeous looking game, we’re looking forward to nabbing it, next year, when some in the team know what money is again. How about you?

IELLO The Big Book of Madness released - Australian tabletop Game news and reviews by GameapaloozaThe Big Book of Madness finally has its proper release.

Renegade Games announced three new games for 2016. “Kitty Paw”, a dexterity game by designer Aza Chen due out in March. “Apotheca”, another potion mixing game that’s due out in April and finally “Bullfrogs”, a strategy game based around a pond and the creatures within, that one is due out in March also.

Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) is wooing retailers with exclusive Zombicide: Black Plague crossover cards if they purchase a certain amount of “B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss”. Promos will not be available to plebs like us, just some KS backers and at conventions. Meh.

Spotted on Kickstarter this week:

Ben Yetman contacted us and asked us to get word out about his new project “Chomped” a mini game board game. We kind of thought it looked a bit like “Cranium”, so if you like that kind of party game, check out “Chomped” on Kickstarter.

That’s it, nothing else grabbed us on Kickstarter in the world of tabletop gaming this week. If you spot something you think is awesome, drop it in the comments.

Digital Tabletop Crossover
“Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest” is now available for your mobile device. Be warned a few in the Gameapalooza team played the original Puzzle Quest back in the day… it will suck your very life away, so unless you know Miracle Max personally, tread carefully. It’s out on both iOS and Android.

Ahh dear gamers, that’s it for another week in the wonderful world of tabletop games, be they board games, card games, tile games or …. well any games. We don’t discriminate, we love them all!.. Well not all…. Have an awesome weekend ladies, gents and all those in between and remember to play some tabletop games!