Tabletop / board game news of the week

It’s Friday here in the land down under and that means it’s time for our tabletop game news roundup. What has happened in the world of board games and card games this week that we failed to cover in full? Well all this. Let’s get to it shall we.

Exploding Kittens now on iOS
“Exploding Kittens” is now available ($1.99USD / $2.99AUD) on the App Store (iOS). Yes because it never made enough money as a tactile thing, you can now try not to explode virtually. No online multiplayer, just local with 2-5 players, so that kinda sucks, we’d just get the card game out for that. It looks okay though, if digital games are your thing.

Greater Than Games (Dice Hate Me) publishing two new titles in December
Yeah, December, so it’s a little way off. “Don’t Get Eated” and “Club Zen” come to us from designer T.C. Petty III, the guy behind “VivaJava: The Coffee Game”. “Don’t Get Eated” is a social game in which players take on the role of animals and fight for survival using hand-management / Bluffing / Negotiation. “Club Zen” is a worker placement game that sees players managing a working vacation.

Z-Man Games Haleakala game - Australian tabletop game news and reviewsGet your Haleakala on, bow to your volcanic overlord.

Haleakala inbound from Z-Man Games
Z-Man Games is releasing “Haleakala” (aka “Haus der Sonne”, “Stromboli”), a two-player game that sees players building statues around an ancient Hawaiian volcano, in order to honour the Gods. This was a bit of a hit at Essen last year, expect it to release next month (USA).

King’s Forge getting an expansion
Another expansion is coming for “King’s Forge” making it three for three(“Apprentices” and “Queen’s Jubilee” being the others). “King’s Forge: Glassworks” adds the material of glass to the main game and new rules for it. Got “King’s Forge” and want more raw materials in your forge, this one is for you.

Ninja Division distributing DrunkQuest
With a February 17 release, “DrunkQuest” sees players combating monsters in drunk combat, with monsters having a drink value. Consume and win. Not our cup of tea, but maybe it’s yours. The expansion “DrunkQuest: 90 Proof Seas” is also getting a release in March.

IELLO Sea of Clouds game - Australian tabletop game news and reviews from GameapaloozaSea of Clouds from IELLO – Looks rather nice.

Sea of Clouds from IELLO
Take on the role of captain on a cool flying ship, recruit your crew and collect loot! “Sea of Clouds” is set for a Q2 release via IELLO. The 2-4 player game comes to us from Théo Rivière (“Shinobi WAT-AAH!”) and features art by Miguel Coimbra (“7 Wonders”).

Stronghold Games co-publishing The Pursuit of Happiness
Stronghold Games is teaming up with Artipia Games to bring “The Pursuit of Happiness” to retail in July. “The Pursuit of Happiness” sees players working from birth to adulthood, trying to realise true happiness. This is done via a worker placement mechanic.

And that fellow tabletop gamers is that. Don’t forget we’re looking for a writer here at Gameapalooza, so if you LOVE board games / card games and general tabletop games, take a look at our site update post for details on that.

Let us know what games you’re playing this weekend. Go on, you know you want to. Now go get gaming!