Tabletop / board game news of the week! May 16 – 22, 2016

First a roundup of the tabletop game news and other things we covered this week here at the site. We examined The True Value of a Board Game. Our reviewer Mister Jaxon took a look at HABA game Orchard. We looked at what we thought were odd choices for Clue Game of Thrones and finally Route 666 got a name change becoming Hit Z Road.

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Now for the rest of the tabletop board game news that we never covered in full this week and news we’ve been asked to share.

Asmodee’s StoryLine Fairy Tales releases
We mentioned Asmodee’s “Storyline” back in February and it’s finally released to retail. “StoryLine: Fairy Tales” sees player collaborating to craft amazing fairy tales. Cards are used as starting points for characters, features and actions within the story framework. It’s all very pretty and we like anything creative like this, so fingers crossed it works well. “StoryLine: Fairy Tales” was due for release in April, but it’s out now.

Asmodee Storyline game releasesStoryline, a pretty looking thing.

Games Workshop re-release Warhammer Quest
Games Workshop have had a few moments of re-releasing old yet popular items and here they are again, with the release this week of “Warhammer Quest”. Originally released back in 1995, “Warhammer Quest” was the spiritual successor to the popular “HeroQuest board game. Needless to say, we’re very interested in this one because we’re huge HeroQuest fans.

Flick ’em Up! Wider Audience Edition
Z-Man Games is hoping to pick up yet more fans for “Flick ’em Up!” by releasing a new multi-language version in the form of “Flick ’em Up! Wider Audience Edition”. The new edition will support 14 languages and it releases in July.

Spotted on Kickstarter this week:

Adorable Horrible the board game
Looking for something adorable, wait, horrible? Check out “Adorable Horrible” from Plastic Hand Games. New to Kickstarter this week “Adorable Horrible” is a an adult party game for 2-4 players. It’s a game that – according to the designers – is easy to learn and play, so you can quickly get to the fun and debauchery! Given the content this is an 18+ game and sadly for Aussie gamers it looks like there’s no option for us or anywhere else outside the USA to back the project. For our USA readers, have at it. A shame as we’d have liked to have reviewed this one, but alas… we are not American.

Rustle: the Card Game by Matt Healey
Looking for a homegrown Aussie title to throw your money at, check out “Rustle: the Card Game” from Melbourne based designer Matt Healey. Rustle is a competitive tabletop card game with a fun farmyard theme. Each turn players draw and play cards with the goal of adding animals to their own farm. Each animal is worth points, at the end of the game the player with the most points wins! Check it out and if you like what you see, give it some love. Oh and it ships to anywhere in the world.

Mothership by Peter Sanderson
Another Aussie project comes to us in the form of “Mothership” from Australian based tabletop game designer Peter Sanderson (who we assume is from Florida, but resides here). Mothership is a tabletop dice combat game for 2 to 6 people. Players take turns moving ships, attacking other players, capturing planets and managing an economy. As this is another Australian tabletop game project, we urge you to take a look.

Mothership by Peter Sanderson board game kickstarterMothership by Peter Sanderson – ENGAGE!

And that is it for another week in board gaming folks. Have an awesome weekend, filled with dice rolling, meeple placement and laughs.

We’ll see you Monday with yet more tabletop game news from the land down under.

Addendum: Apologies if you’re one of the many people who check for this post each Friday and it wasn’t there, our scheduler was set wrong so it was published later than usual.