Tabletop / board game news of the week! May 30 – June 5, 2016

Here’s the usual roundup of the tabletop game news and other things we covered this week here at the main site. We reviewed HABA family game Karuba. We looked at CoolMiniOrNot’s upcoming title Massive Darkness. We covered Space Cowboys forgery title Final Touch. We took a look at the culture of immediacy in board gaming with this weeks Story Board episode. Lastly for the articles this week Coup went Head to Head with Good Cop Bad Cop.

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Here’s the rest of the tabletop board game news that we never covered in full this week.

Assault of the Giants board game announced
WizKids has announced a new board game in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, that game is “Assault of the Giants”. Designed by Andrew Parks, “Assault of the Giants” sees players commanding one of six kinds of giants and assaulting settlements. It comes with 14 giant miniatures and releases Q2 next year with a USD RRP of around $100.

Steampunk deck builder Brass Empire
“Brass Empire” (formerly “Steamcraft”) first appeared on Kickstarter back in September last year, but now it looks set to get better distribution thanks to Hit Point Games and Asmodee. Players hire employees to build up the city and steam-powered contraptions. You can pre-order the game online already for $40USD, or wait until its proper release August 4 and pay $49USD.

TANKS from Gale Force Nine now available
Like your tabletop gaming to involve tanks, look no further than Gale Force nine title, err, “TANKS” [sic]. Yes the clue in in the name, “TANKS” is an easy to learn, quick to play skirmish title that sees players taking on the roles of tank commanders. A new Panther vs. Sherman starter set is also due for a June release.

Greenbrier Games releasing Grimslingers
Fans of the dark western genre this one is for you. Greenbrier Games are releasing “Grimslingers” and “Grimslingers: Duels” two new card games with a dark western / sci-fi slant. “Grim slingers” funded on Kickstarter last year and Greenbriar now has the publishing rights for the retail release. In “Grimslingers” players take on the roles of witches using spells to take on opponents. “Grim slingers: Duels” is a micro game for two-players. It’s due to release in September.

Mayfair to release Fight for Olympus
Matthias Cramer (“Rococo”) is at it again with his new card game “Fight for Olympus” set for a July release courtesy Mayfair Games. In “Fight for Olympus” players take on the roles of Greek Gods (because you never guessed that from the name) and battle for control of, you guessed it! Mount Olympus. It’s got a USD RRP of $28.

Tabletop games spotted on Kickstarter this week:

The Princess and the Goblin
We have to hand it to Dennis Hoyle, bringing a female heroine to board gaming that would usually be male. Yes the princess rescues the boy in this one, we really like that, so be sure and check it out if you get the chance over at The Princess and the Goblin Kickster page.

Rustle card game by Matt Healey
As we mentioned a couple of weeks back Melbourne based designer Matt Healey still has his game “Rustle” up on Kickstarter, so if you want to support an Australian project (and we suggest you do) be sure and head over to the Rustle Kickstarter page.

Now what are you still on the internet for, go forth and play board games!
Have an awesome weekend.