Tabletop / board game news of the week! May 9 – 15, 2016

This week at the site we took a look at the game changer, not a mechanic within a game, but rather when a gamer themselves flips from loving a game to hating it, or vice-versa. Civ builder “Guns & Steel” got a full written review and what was in the box seemed to not match the box on that one. The Big Game Theory business in Adelaide took part in another Gameapalooza Q&A, there was yet more collectible goodness for Star Wars Imperial Assault and finally a full written review of Zombicide.

We also updated our Youtube channel with a bunch more unboxing videos and reviews by Mister Jaxon, so be sure and subscribe there, we’d appreciate it given it’s as fresh as a new born thing.

Now for the rest of the tabletop game news from this week.

Time for more Descent Q3
Heads up “Descent” fans Fantasy Flight is set to release another expansion in Q3 (Jul-Sept). The new one is called “Chains that Rust” and it’s set in the Mistlands.

You have traveled these accursed lands for far too long. Bound here by Kyndrithul, the manic vampire lord, your bodies and souls are his ongoing experiment. Something foul taints your blood. You are both living and dead—a little of both or perhaps not quite either. Regardless, you now know your last hope for a remedy. If you will ever escape, Kyndrithul must die.

Descent Chains that RustDescent: Chains that Rust coming Q3

Bed, Wed, Dead from IDW
Yet another inane “dirty” party game is set to hit the market, thanks to IDW Games. They will be publishing “Bed, Wed, Dead: A Game of Dirty Decisions” in August. This is essentially the ‘sex, marry, kill’ game, but you need to pay money for it. Players generate three names (celebrities, characters, politicians etc) and have to choose which one to wed, which one to bed and which one to kill. Like we said, it’s a tactile version of the game you can play without paying a dime. NEXT!

We Come in Peace
Love dice games and adorable aliens, Rather Dashing Games might well have something for you in the form of “We Come in Peace”. A versus game that sees players sending out their own flying saucers to destroy other players homeworlds, whilst trying to protect their own. It’s due to appear at Gen Con this August and is for 2-6 players ages 8+.

Captain Carcass releasing proper in August
We’ve seen a few of these kicking around on social media thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign back in January, but soon it will hit retail. “Captain Carcass” is a deluxe reskin of “Dead Man’s Draw” and sees players take on the roles of divers looking for loot in Davy Jones’ Locker. It’s set to release in August, with a USD MSRP of $25.

Upper Deck doing Legendary: Big Trouble in Little China
Can you hear the cash cow mooing? Upper Deck are set to release another version of the Legendary Deckbuilding Game and the lucky cult classic to get the treatment this time? “Big Trouble in Little China”, it’s set for an August release.

Spotted on Kickstarter this week:

We’ve mentioned Campaign Coins, Terrainosaurus and Vivarium a few weeks in a row now, so we won’t got into detail on those again. We will mention in addition to those Aussie products the following that caught our eye this week:

Elvenroot Collapsible Dice Tower & Dice Case
Love woodwork and beautiful things for gaming? You might want to check out what Elvenroot Woodworks has to offer.

This War Of Mine: The Board Game
This War of Mine: The Board Game is a fully co-operative, open and play, survival experience. In this challenging, story-driven game for 1-6 players, you will play as group of civilians trapped in a city torn by a military conflict. We think it looks pretty nice, might be worth a look.

And that is it for another week in board gaming folks. Have an awesome weekend, filled with dice rolling, meeple placement and laughs.

We’ll see you Monday with yet more tabletop game news from the land down under.