Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for 14 September through September 20, 2015

Formal Ferret Games is set to release “The Networks” next year, but for now it’s on Kickstarter until the end of this month and is already 200% funded. The game sees players competing to build the best TV network.

Kamikaze Games announces new deck building game “El Alamein” by way of Kickstarter. The game is set in the Barbarossa universe and its Kickstarter runs until 20 October.

Key Games game “Cabals: The Board Game” has hit Kickstarter. Set in the 1930’s “Cabals: The Board Game” sees players vying for world domination via 4 secret societies.

“Boss Monster” fans heads up, Brotherwise Games has announced two new “Boss Monster” products for the holiday season. “Paper and Pixels” is a small expansion featuring additional cards and “an LE “Boss Monter 2” is also due out. Oh and there’s also a playmat if that’s your thing.

“King Chocolate” is set for a November release thanks you Mayfair Games, so if you fancy being the best chocolate maker, from street to plate, this one’s for you.

“Danger Mouse” is getting a new cartoon later this month and there will be merch tie-ins, including at least one game, a card game simply titled “Danger Mouse: Secret Agent Card Game”.

Love cutesy card games? You might be interested in “Masamine Shining Forge Academy” hit Kickstarter this week. The “anime-inspired fusion of deck-building and tower defense” is looking for $18.500 and has 30 days to go.

The “The X-Files” game gets an expansion thanks to IDW, in the form of “The X-Files: Trust No One” expansion. That’s new agents, trails, blockades and a whole lot of cards. It’s due November 27.

Fantasy Flight Games acquires “Legend of the Five Rings” IP, including not only the RPG, but also the CCG.

Another November release, Stronghold Games and Portal Games are releasing a new edition of “Stronghold”, with a Stronghold Games expansion following a month later. The snd Edition is more streamlined and features new playing pieces.

Konami Digital Entertainment is set to release “Yu-Gi-Oh!: Clash of Rebellions” special edition pack. It will include a couple of foils previews and regular cards. Street date is expected to be December 11 Stateside.

As always we’ll update this with anything else happening in the world of tabletop gaming until we see you again on Monday!

Have a great weekend… get your game on!