Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for 21 September through September 27, 2015

“Ticket to Ride United Kingdom” makes its debut at the Essen Fair in Germany shortly and will be available from the Days of Wonder European webstore and game stores in Europe early November. It will be available from the US webstore, and in game stores throughout the rest of the world Mid-November. Pre-orders are live at the Days of Wonder website.

In case you missed our full coverage this week, Fantasy Flight Games has called an end to LCG “Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game” with upcoming “The Mark of Madness” deluxe expansion set being the final release for the series.

CoolMiniOrNot are bringing out an English language version of Horrible Games’ puzzle game “Potion Explosion”. We like the look of this one, it’s different, though not really your usual tabletop game fare. Check out the official Horrible Games site for more info.

Potion Explosion tabeltop game getting CoolMiniOrNot english language edition game news australiaPotion Explosion, the giant gumball machine of tabletop gaming.

Looks like USAopoly is planning to bring us yet more Yu-Gi-Oh!-themed merchandise, including “Yu-Gi-Oh! Monopoly” and “Yu-Gi-Oh! Yahtzee”. Hopefully you’re in no rush to get your hands on these as it seems they’re slated for release 2016 and 2017.

Mayfair Games is releasing a new ‘murder mystery’ board game based on the long-running PSB series “Masterpiece”. “Mystery!  Motive For Murder” sees players investigating a murder at an English mansion (aren’t they all?). The game is playable by 1-5 players and as a US RRP of $35.

Heads up “Portal” fans, Cryptozoic tabletop game “Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game” is finally available. Sure the cake is a lie, but this is not and tiny Companion Cube, who doesn’t love that! More info at the Cryptozoic website.

Portal tabletop game now available tabletop gaming news and reviews AustraliaTiny Companion cube! TINY COMPANION CUUUUBBBBEEEE!!!!!

Arcane Wonders (makers of “Mage Wars”) has signed a new deal with Publisher Services, Inc. for sales and fulfilment. Here’s the skinny from Arcane Wonders VP of Business Development: “Having established a strong relationship with PSI recently, working together in the book and trade market, this move offers us the opportunity to serve all of our customers in the best ways possible”. So what does it mean for you the gamer? Not a whole lot, essentially PSI will now be handling warehousing, sales and shipping.

Board game cafe “Snakes & Lattes” got its shows first trailer release and, we think it’s looking pretty good actually. Episodes will be released online and run at around 15 minutes each. Check out the trailer for Snakes & Lattes: The Show” below.

As always dear dear gamers we will push the boundaries of all that is awesome in tabletop game land and update this with anything else happening in the world of tabletop gaming this weekend, which is almost upon us here in the land down under, so until we see you again on Monday….

Have a great weekend and… get your game on!