Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for 28 September through October 4, 2015

Plaid Hat Games spoke briefly about their upcoming “Dead of Winter Expansion” this week, stating it comes as a standalone big box game, but it will also work with original “Dead of Winter“. The expansion includes 20 new characters, new objectives, crisis cards, locations, new zombies and the introduction of the frostwalker zombies and bandits. You’ll also be able to customise / upgrade your colony and there’s the addition of despair tokens, oh no, depressed characters, just what you need in the apocalypse. A “Dead of Winter” companion App is also still in the works, it will read the crossroads cards (done by Eric Summerer) out loud for you.

Paizo Inc. announced it is set to release a new campaign for its “Pathfinder” series. “Inner Sea Faiths” acts as a companion to last years “Inner Sea Gods”. The new book is 96 pages long and features loads of stuff including 15 new gods and histories. MSRP is $25 (U.S.) and it will be available in March.

The Crow: The Board Game“, this one was supposed to be out in the U.S. this month, but it’s been pushed back to May 2016. This isn’t a remake of “The Crow” from NECA, or the 1994 version from Crownvision. This is a new version of “The Crow” from Upper Deck and it’s – unsurprisingly – based on the movie. Last year Upper Deck announced the multi-year licensing deal encompassing “a full portfolio of products based not only on the original film, but from the movie sequels, TV series and comic books as well”. The first two product releases are limited edition screen prints, we’ll all have to wait for the board game.

Now some Queen Games release info let loose by Asmodee Editions: First up “Treasure Hunter” by Richard Garfield (“King of Tokyo”) this game sees players trying to find the best treasure whilst avoiding the goblins. This will be released before the end of the year with a U.S. RRP of $50.

Tabletop game news Australia Richard Garfield's game Treasure Hunter release infoTreasure Hunter’s ahoy!

“Chicago Express: Narrow-Gauge & Erie Railroad Company Expansion” (wow that’s some title) is – unsurprisingly – an expansion for “Chicago Express” and has an U.S. RRP of $20. Queen Games classic tile placement game “Metro” is getting a new printing with a U.S. RRP of $40. Lastly “Lancaster: The New Laws” is getting a reprint adding 18 new law cards and rules, U.S. RRP is $20.

Z-Man Games is set to release “Skyliners” at Essen this year and it looks pretty cool. Players build towers (the box acts as the games board) and gameplay revolves around the best view. The aesthetic reminds us a little of Blue Orange games “New York 1901”, which we really liked and this one is looking good also. No price or street date info at the moment.

Skyliners from Z-Man games skyline building board game - Australian tabletop game newsSkyliners, another in box board, but this looks pretty cool from Z-Man

More Asmodee related news sees prices for a few upcoming titles. One getting a bit of buzz is “The Bloody Inn”, it doesn’t have a retail release date yet, but expect to pay U.S. $30 when it finally releases properly. Fans of the “Timeline” series of card games, get excited, we covered this on Facebook awhile ago: “Timeline: Challenge” is a new board game in that series, it’s set for a release some time this month and retails for U.S. $40, can’t wait for this one. New “Kemet” expansion “Kemet: Ta-Seti” is planned for release in November and has a U.S. RRP of $50. Lastly “Raptor” by the amazing Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti is also set for a November release and has a U.S. RRP of $35.

Tabletop game news we covered in full this week:
Tail Feathers got a trailer.
Indie Boards and Cards: Coup: Rebellion G54 and One Night Revolution, full shipping this month.
Back to the Future gets a new card game in the form of Back to the Future: An Adventure Through Time card game .

Tabletop Game Kickstarter highlights this week:
Smashing its goal of €50,000 “The 7th Continent” is a ““choose-your-own-path” exploration board game and it’s getting a lot of buzz, so if you missed it, check it out at “The 7th Continent” Kickstarter page.
Another one smashing its goal is “Wizard School” from DFT Games, a co-op game for 2-5 players, where you, the wizards, fight monsters, take tests, and hopefully graduate from Wizard School. Check out the “Wizard School” Kickstarter page if you missed it.
Also don’t forget local boy Jason Kotzur-Yang still has his game “Ragnaroll” up on Kickstarter and we liked it a lot when we previewed it.

Long weekend here in Australia… so what will we be doing Game Days’! Two of them, we’ll see you next week with more tabletop game news and reviews from the land down under!