New Site, The Big Game Theory, Hiatus!

Hello our glorious readership, we hope this update finds you well. We wanted to keep you in the loop with what’s happening here at the site, because it won't be updated for the next 3.5 weeks or so for two reasons. One, our editor is away on holiday, hunting board games and traveling the US. Here's reason two, we’re finally getting that website upgrade we mentioned back in May last year.

So basically if you see our featured post hasn't changed, fear not, we will be back and we’ll have a facelift... ahh sweet kismet, Editor goes to Hollywood, website gets a facelift.

Gameapalooza Hiatus - The Big Game Theory Australia - New tabletop gaming site

Be sure and check out

Lastly, on our return we'll be working with Australian board game store "The Big Game Theory". It's great to work with a sponsor our team feels not only have great prices for Australian tabletop gamers, but they're also professional in their approach, both as working partners and also with their customers. If you haven’t heard of them, be sure and check them out at The Big Game Theory and smile at those prices. We’ve used them personally numerous times without issue and we’re genuinely pleased to be working with them.

That's it! Keep on tabletop gaming and we'll see you on our return.