Gameapalooza update – We’re looking for a writer and well be holding some competitions soon!

Bit of an unusual one today folks, an actual site / team update. First up we’ve got a few game competitions coming up we hope you’ll like (courtesy Aussie publisher Rule & Make and also Aussie distributor VR Distribution). We’ll be running these here at the site and probably on social (Facebook most notably).

Next up we’ve got a guest writer space that’s opened up. We’d ideally like someone with CCG experience, but it’s not a necessity. Broad tabletop game experience is a must however and – as you probably expected – it’s an unpaid position (though you may be sent games for review when available). Australian gamer preferred, because posting games abroad is costly. If you’re interested, just contact us and let the vetting begin!

We wanted to thank everyone who has interacted with us in any way online, be it following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or checking in here at the site. We’re so happy with how things are going (better than anticipated) and we’re hoping this year will be even better than last, with more Aussie based tabletop gaming content. We’ll also be working hard with our sponsor Gameology, who sound like they too have big plans for 2016 and we’ll be updating on that when we learn more ourselves.

gameapalooza instagramInstagram is one of out favorite social outlets. Join us there.

Social media outreach has been great for us, again we want to thank everyone who interacts with us in that space. Incidentally, if you’ve followed us on Twitter or Instagram and we haven’t followed you, please let us know because we like to see what you’re up to also. If we missed you, it’s only because we literally missed you (we get a lot of notifications on those channels – also the only reason our followers to following differs is we unfollow offensive posters). We believe engagement is a two way street and we will always follow you if you have been kind enough to follow what we’re doing.

Well that’s that, we wanted to bring you an update and to say a big thank you, because without all of our readers and supporters, well this would all be pointless.

Have an awesome day, we look forward to talking more and more tabletop games with you in 2016. Regular posts return tomorrow.