When backing a Kickstarter campaign there is always the question of, 'Is it worth the risk?' Kickstarter projects sell you on a promise, and you invest your money in the hope that promise proves true. Today I don't want to do that. I have backed this project because I KNOW this is a project that will deliver; because it already has.

For the last ten years, GameTek by Geoff Engelstein has been a weekly segment on the Dice Tower Podcast, one of the most popular podcasts on board games. Each segment discusses board games in the context of maths, psychology, and science. Geoff has selected over 70 of his favourite episodes and transcribed them to a book complete with illustrations (trust me, this will definitely help with some of the maths).

Gametek is my favourite segment on the Dice Tower Podcast and it seems I am not the only one to think so. With a pledge goal of $3000, the project is already funded for over $45,000 and still growing. There are 11 days left on this project and plenty of time to jump on board.

Geoff hosts the equally successful Ludology, a podcast on the how's and why's of board gaming. In addition to analysing games, Geoff is an award-winning designer of such titles as The Ares Project, Space Cadets, Survive: Space Attack, and Fog of War. For more on Geoff and his work check out our interview with him.