I'm being transmuted into a gateway gamer:

I can feel it happening, I'm becoming a full time gateway gamer. I used to play more heavy games, awful though I've always been at them, but now, they're more often than not light to medium weight games.

This is because my gamer groups have changed. I also play a lot more with my family, so more often than not it's less likely we're playing Scythe and more likely we're playing Augustus, Raise Your Goblets, Splendor, Pandemic, Takenoko, Escape, Alhambra etc. All well known gateway games and all games you can easily get through after family dinner.

Now I'm not complaining, there are some fantastic gateway games and some fantastic mid-weight games (Lords of Waterdeep, Fresco, Viticulture, Cosmic Encounter and more). I just miss a game that takes hours to complete... Or do I?

The more I've thought about it the less it's bothering me. I used to feel like less of a 'real' gamer, but I've realised a few things.

1. I get to play more games in the same amount of time.
2. I get to win slightly more (because I generally suck at games).
3. I've gotten to play a lot more small box games that were packed with fun, just because the people choosing them now aren't looking for something massive and deep.

So is the transmutation terrible, or is it actually kind of a blessing? A sojourn into.. well, relaxing, fun, faster game sessions. I've noticed I'm also getting to play more games with my family and non gaming friends, which is really cool.

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