Genesis augmented reality trading card game Kickstarter

We’re always interested in what Australian tabletop game designers are doing here at Gameapalooza and when they’re from our home state of Queensland, well that makes it all the more important to us. Enter Long Roos and Ryan Neale from Burleigh and their Kickstarter project “Genesis”. According to the designers:

“Genesis isn't like any card game you've ever seen. With Augmented Reality users experience an addictive skill based real-time battle system. Each character is equipped with a myriad of attacks some reliant on brute force and others on mystic or dark capabilities allowing for a perfect combination of skill, strategy and foresight. If crushing friends in the arena isn't your preferred option, the game also compensates for the competitive lone-wolf with an elite single player dungeon mode that will test and hone the skills of any avid gamer”.

Genesis Augmented Reality Kickstater - Gameapalooza AustraliaGenesis – Now you can fight great battles with a banana backdrop!

Head on over to Kickstarter and take a look at the Genesis TCG, Australian designers trying to bring their dream to fruition. Well worth a look.