Some of the most memorable games for me are when I've played with real style. I recently played a game of Rhino Hero Super Battle and I made it to the top of the structure early and just stayed there. My opponents tried desperately to take me down using every dirty trick in the book. These two villains enclosed my penguin every chance they got, made the structure as unstable as possible and left monkeys in my way as obstacles. I don't know what dexterity god was shining down on me that night but I did the impossible and overcame every obstruction with style and put my Penguin on top of one of the most hazardous structures imaginable. After placing my Penguin atop the 13th story the next player knocked it down and I was declared the winner. No one could deny I deserved that victory and I finished the evening as a Rhino Hero Super Star.

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Are you like me and dedicated to controlling your friends?

Perhaps you believe life should have a little give and take?

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