Go Nuts for Donuts! on Kickstarter

Remember we recently covered “Doughnut Drive’Thru” from Grail Games? Well another donut based title is heading our way next year in the form of Go Nuts for Donuts! from Daily Magic Games.

A massive tray of donuts sits on the table. You and your fellow donut lovers want to eat as many donuts as you can, but there is no sharing with these donuts. If two or more people pick the same donut, nobody gets it!

Pick your donuts wisely and see if you can get the most donut points!

go nuts for donuts card game on kickstarterGo Nuts for Donuts! people!

Game contents:
42 Selection Cards
72 Donut Cards
7 punchboard tokens

The campaign still has a few days to go, so get on it if you like donuts.