Good Games Australia acquires The Games Capital game store Canberra:

We somehow managed to miss this news ourselves (until this months Games Capital email did the rounds this week). We figured maybe you'd missed it too, so here's the skinny. Good Games has acquired Canberra based game store The Games Capital.

The Games Capital has been in business for many years and Good Games were impressed with the way they were doing things.

Joining the Good Games family will allow us to keep doing what we do best, while allowing us to grow stronger in being part of a national network. Expect to see bigger and better things!

Glenn Doyle will continue as manager of the store, a position he has held since 1994. The Games Capital name will remain as is, as will the online shop. The Team at The Games Capital are very happy with the new and exciting prospects which will open up with being part of Australia’s largest Tabletop Gaming Chain and hope to continue offering the best service we can to all our customers.

We wish them all the best with this move. It sounds like a positive one for both parties and is great for Aussie board gamers overall.