Good Customer Service Stories in Tabletop Gaming

If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, this might be old news to you now, so we apologise. Good news! Who doesn’t love some good news in these days of bad news all over the place. The last couple of weeks have garnered us some good customer service stories right here in the board game community.

First up one of the Gameapalooza team bought herself her own copy of “Five Tribes” by Days of Wonder. On opening it up there were missing meeples, just a couple, but you know you want your game complete. She hit their missing parts contact form and boom, within a day the missing meeples were posted out. Now, whilst she’s usually quite sharp, she made the error of listing one of the colors wrong, not realizing this until they arrived from the palace of Days of Wonder all the way to Australia. She emailed them explaining the stupidity and guess what? The right colored meeples are on the way to her as we type. Customer service win!

Amazon, bastion of import games to many Australian tabletop gamers (other than the ones that “don’t ship” don’t get us started!) was also a customer service winner this week within Gameapalooza Towers… kinda. Months ago one of the team ordered Dixit, it arrived and was the fold out board, not the in box board. This ate away at said team member who REALLY wanted the brightly colored board, so they contacted Amazon because in the image on their site it’s the inbox board. They apologised and sent out another copy, express delivery, no bother about the limitation on on the order lapsing. It arrived, still the fold out board, can’t win em all.

Good Games Gold Coast is one of our local bricks and mortar game stores. One or other of our team is in there probably weekly making purchases or just longingly perusing the shelves. This week one of the team purchased Takenoko expansion “Takenoko Chibi’s” and was charged $80. The usual manager was away on business and the fill in guy seems to have just seen Takenoko listed on the computer and priced accordingly. Thinking that was steep, but too overawed by BABY PANDA’S the purchase was made and the error looked into later when the realization of “HOLY MOTHER OF EXPENSIVE THINGS, THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT, THERE’S ONLY 6 NEW TILES!”. When contacted the manager was great, apologetic and offered store credit over and above the discrepancy in price. Good Games indeed.

Three good news board gaming stories. Got any good customer serivce stories, or indeed bad? Hit the comments.