Guns & Steel: Renaissance from Grail Games on Kickstarter

Civ-building card game Guns & Steel is getting a stand-alone expansion in the form of Guns & Steel: Renaissance. We really liked “Guns & Steel” when we played it and then later reviewed it, but we felt the box art really let down what is a really lovely civilization-builder.

Guns & Steel: Renaissance by Grail Games Australia now on KickstarterGuns & Steel: Renaissance – Definitely worth a look!

Thankfully the expansion: “Guns & Steel: Renaissance” has upped its game, actually using some of that captivating art on the lid, showing it’s not some war game, but rather more akin to something like “7 Wonders”. “Guns & Steel: Renaissance” features “NEW wonders! NEW cards! NEW ways to win! Renaissance can be played alone, or combined with the original set, to create an exciting new experience”.

Guns & Steel: Renaissance is a tightly packed strategy game that will force you to make challenging decisions on every turn. Experience the rise & fall of nations in just an hour’s time!

Guns & Steel: Renaissance from Grail Games Australia - Gameapalooza NewsLovely artwork in Guns & Steel: Renaissance.

We urge you to take a look, not only because we enjoyed the original, but also because this is a Grail Games project and therefore an Aussie project. Be sure and check out the Kickstarter page to see if it is something you might like.