Orchard from HABA TL;DR Review

Back in April our own video reviewer Mister Jaxon played / reviewed “Orchard” aka Obstgarten by HABA. We thought we’d drop an adult take into the mix by way of a quick TL;DR review.

Obstgarten aka Orchard board game TLDR review - HABA Games tabletop game review by Gameapalooza AustraliaOrchard by HABA is a family game for 2-8 players harvesting fruit from an orchard, as a crow stands by to eat it. Players roll the 6-sided-die to harvest the fruit, colors correspond to fruit, a basket means you get two pieces of fruit and a crow means one puzzle piece is added to the crow puzzle, finish that puzzle before you've picked all the fruit and the crow wins.

HABA game Orchard aka Obstgarten Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game reviews

“Orchard” is a simple beautifully made game. The components are little wooden pieces, the cherries are even joined by string. The baskets are proper little lattice baskets, there’s no cardboard shortcuts here. A must buy for parents with little ones, but not for adults only.