Hagglethorn Hollow Hand-sculpted, highly detailed gaming scenery designed to enrich your tabletop gaming experience

This is a PSA, if you haven't checked out the Kickstarter campaign for Hagglethorn Hollow gaming scenery and you're into tabletop role-playing, get on it!

We're honestly gobsmacked at just how gorgeous this project is, but it should be no surprise, given the source.

Hagglethorn Hollow is an immersive fantastical setting, which you can customize to create your ideal tabletop gaming scenario. Using its towering components with its unique mix and match construction system, you can build and rebuild your town for a new adventure every time that you play.

Each individual piece has been hand-sculpted by TTG creative director Johnny Fraser-Allen - who brings more than 15 years experience as a professional sculptor in the film industry. Choose from unpainted or hand-painted highly detailed models produced in high quality resin.

Still not convinced, well we're imploring you to take a look (and no, we're not affiliated with it in any way, we're just that impressed). Hagglethorn Hollow is beautiful, you just need a big... BIG table.