Hang 12: The push-your-luck party game from Grail Games Australia:

We love a Grail Games release and their latest is now up on Kickstarter in the form of Hang 12. It's around half way through and could do with a little more lovin.

Do you know what your friends are thinking? Guess correctly to surf bigger and bigger waves, before it all comes crashing down! Whoah!!

Really love the sort of scratched vintage artwork on this one and it's certainly different for Grail. Hopefully the momentum will pick up and it will catch a gnarly wave to the shore.

Check out the Hang 12 Kickstarter Project from Grail Games before it ends!

As usual we'll end this by saying we are posting about this because we like what Grail Games do, not because we were paid / asked to do so. It's posted because we genuinely want you to take time to look at their latest Kickstarter.