Happy Australia Day 2016

Yes we know the political connotations, but we’re a gaming site, not politics 101 and we wanted to wish everyone who celebrates Australia Day good vibes for the day. We love this country (though not necessarily all of its history), so many of the Gameapalooza team will be holding BBQ’s and game days, getting together to celebrate the land down under with friends and family and reflecting on what it means to be Aussies.

Happy Australia Day 2016 who is having a game day.Happy Australia Day 2016 – Games Day Here We Come!

We hope you are doing the same or similar. We hope it involves gaming in some manner and hey, be sure and play at least one Aussie designed tabletop game. Treat your fellow Aussies with care and respect and enjoy the wonderful mixing bowl that is this great Southern Land we all call home.

We’ll be back to regular coverage of tabletop game news / reviews tomorrow. Now though we’re on holiday and we hope you are too.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!