Let me start by saying, I have a love hate relationship with Kickstarter. I love it because you get the game early and you get little exclusives. I hate it because you get little exclusives and some companies rort that to the full, adding on exclusive after exclusive for more and more money.

We all have budgets, so I have to be quite picky with my Kickstarter game choices. I've missed a few huge ones recently, including Gloomhaven and Rising Sun (and Gloomhaven yet again, as I've eaten through my budget for a few months).

I thought I'd go through some of the games I've backed recently, some of which are still live and therefore might be of interest to you.

Dead Man's Doubloons
I liked Dead Man's Doubloons immediately, because of the artwork, it reminded me of Jamaica and it has ghost ships... ghost ships! You can still pledge until May 12.

Hardback - The "Pre-Quill" to Paperback
Hardback is the sequel / prequel to brilliant word game Paperback. I love that game and so this was a must back for me. If you enjoyed Paperback, get on it because it ends April 27.

CrossTalk: The Party Game of Subtle Conversation
Family game nights and non-gamer friends love games like Say Anything and Telestrations, so CrossTalk was a must have. CrossTalk looks like fun and it's by Nauvoo Games, creators of Stockpile. It ends April 28.

The Grimm Forest
I'm a sucker for a beautiful looking game and The Grimm Forest is gorgeous. Set in a fairytale universe players compete to build three houses through a gather and build mechanic. Just lovely. Sadly, it's finished, but this one will hit retail, it's too gorgeous not to.

Campy Creatures
It was the art style of Campy Creatures that made it a must back project. Send out your campy creatures to capture mortals for your devlish experiments. Most of all though, it looks awesome. Vintage monster stylin!

Delve is a dungeon builder for 2-4 players that looks easily accessible and fun to play, count me it! I also liked the narrative adventure style of this one.

Dishonorable Mention

I backed Lobotomy in August 2015, with an expected delivery date of August 2016, it's April 2017 and still nothing. To add insult to injury they added a LOT of additions to the original game, not stretch goals mind you, more money for exclusives. $20 for this figure, $10 for that one. They also aren't responding to messages as I'm worried it will be delivered to my old address. Overall this is a big mess and it's really ruined what should have been a cool horror game.

A few other 'hot' and live board games on Kickstarter are below for your perusal.

The second print run for amazing RPG Gloomhaven is still live with 14 days to go at time of writing. That's all you need to know really. If you've got the money, do it.

Management of a big oil company might sound a bit of a bore, but Peak Oil looks really cool. Love the art style. It's out of my budget, but maybe still in yours with 9 days to go at time of writing.

Another second edition on Kickstarter at the moment is Bios:Genesis, a game that sold out within weeks of being released and earned a BGG Golden Geek nomination. It's still live for another 23 days at time of writing.

Heads up social card game fans. Infected is still live on Kickstarter for another week (at time of writing). A strategic, secret role, semi-cooperative, social tabletop card game with dice and a cool plague doctor miniature.

Area control fans might want to check out 878 Vikings. Not the greatest name, but it's got a lot of heat around it and has some gorgeous artwork. Be quick, it has mere hours to go at time of writing!