Hotshots Tabletop Game TLDR Review:

Hotshots by Fireside Games tabletop game TLDR review

Hotshots is a cooperative, press-your-luck firefighting game for 1 to 4 players. You take on the roles of wildfire fighters — crew boss, spotter, swamper, and sawyer — all with their own special abilities.

Each turn players roll dice to deal with fires burning across the hexagonal tile landscape. Draw fire cards for various effects, including if the wind blows it in a certain direction, or embers take hold.

Hotshots board game review TLDR

Hotshots from Fireside Games is a lovely little game. The press-your-luck dice rolling is smart, the way the wind works in spreading the fire is thematic and the components are great. The only real issue is it's dice, so luck plays a huge factor in everything, it's also unforgiving. Because it can be hard to beat, the rulebook includes additional rules to make it easier. Personally I really enjoyed it regardless of the difficulty.

Definitely a game to try, playing with the little fire pieces is great fun and when you get a maximum roll, it just feels so damn good.