Imagine card game by Cocktail Games

In a new feature at Gameapalooza “X Marks the Spot” highlights a game we’ve heard about fairly recently that we think is really cool for one reason or another. It can be an old game, a game in development or a new release.

This week we’re looking at “Imagine” from Cocktail games. A card game that sees players using 61 transparent cards, each with different simple images on them, Players try to get a concept across by using the cards in conjunction with one another. Cards can be laid near other cards, laid over the top of other cards, whatever it takes to get the message across.

Imagine card game gameapalooza australiaImagine card game – Looks pretty cool.

“Imagine” is sort of like “Concept”, a board game that uses icons on a board to get the message across to other players. The abstract gameplay of concept isn’t always a hit, but “Imagine” looks like it simplifies that idea and gives it a party game twist.

Apparently there’s an English language version in the works, though there’s no release window at time of writing. If you’re super interested it does have a Japanese release as of last year.

We can’t wait for this one.

3-8 Players
Age 12+

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