Imperial Settlers: 3 Is a Magic Number releases end of May

You’ve got that “3 Is a Magic Number” song stuck in your head now don’t you? What? You didn’t, but you do now? You’re welcome.

The second Empire Pack for Portal Games hit title “Imperial Settlers” is close to hand, with a late May release date (okay Aussie’s order it online or you know it will be July for you).

Imperial Settlers: 3 Is a Magic Number release info by Gameapalooza Australia board game news and reviews3 Is a Magic Number! More Settlers goodness from Portal Games.

“Imperial Settlers: 3 Is a Magic Number” releases May 25 and comes to us from Ignacy Trzewiczek, yes, the man behind “Imperial Settlers”. Inside the magical box you will find a new game mechanic in the form of ‘Set’, which, if you haven’t already guessed it, involves players collecting ‘sets’ of cards to trigger things in game.

“Imperial Settlers: 3 Is a Magic Number” has a cheap USA RRP of just $15 (let’s assume $30 here) and adds a further 67 game cards to proceedings (4 solitaire, 50 factions and 13 commons). Needless to say you will need a copy of “Imperial Settlers” to play this addition.