International Tabletop Day 2018 game promos:

International Tabletop Day isn't far off - April 28 this year - and with that comes promos! We're hoping to get a few in for our readers and we'll be giving them away on our Facebook Page if we do, so be sure and ensure you've liked it.

This year will see five ITTD exclusive products you can buy at your friendly local game store on April 28:

Here's the breakdown of what you can expect this year:

  • A copy of Sparkle Kitty with variant box art by Breaking Games
  • Sagrada Promos by Floodgate Games
  • Wonderland (an exclusive game) by Renegade Games
  • Action Cats ITTD expansion by Twogether Studios
  • ITTD Promo Pack by Fireside Games

We'll do our best to get a few for some awesome ITTD giveaways. Stay tuned!