It would seem the obvious answer is YES, Pandemic Legacy is a good game, given how quickly Pandemic Legacy rose to the number one spot on a whole lot of polls. Polls like game of the year, best game, most innovative etc. Our man Dave and his mate Ricky have a completely different take however and we think they have some fair criticisms.

That’s tough to say given how much some of the other members of the team LOVED this game and found it to be many things Dave and Ricky did not. It’s always interesting to hear thoughts that go against the grain, so we think you’ll find this video really thought provoking, after all suggesting Pandemic Legacy ‘has no character development’, ‘no player control’, that you’re ‘not rewarded’ and a story that’s not only ‘tired and worn’, but also ‘you’re not invested in’, well that’s some harsh stuff.

Watch the video to see why the guys felt that way.