Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, yes 4th edition is rumored!

There's a few 'super secret' games that are going to get a big reveal at Gen Con. Allegedly one from Renegade Games, one from Restoration games and a Gen Con busting title.

According to one leaked image Fantasy Flight Games may be releasing Twilight Imperium 4, yes, pick your jaw up, it might finally be happening.

A sweet 20 year anniversary release for sure if it's real. As to what the other secret games might be, well, we can only guess. Could it be a Resident Evil board game? (Trash Panda / Racoon, Metropolis / City). Maybe it's something to do with Clank.

Restoration Games bring old popular games back to life and how epic would Hero Quest be to play now with some gorgeous minis? Nightmare with a terrifying app? Crossbows and Catapults! Dark Tower! Okay we'll stop, it could be anything, I guess we'll know next week.

Have a great weekend fellow gamers!

WEEKEND UPDATE: As expected Fantasy Flight Games has now confirmed the rumor. You can check out the entire announcement here.