Isle of Skye expansion Isle of Skye: Journeyman hits shelves in November

Back in June we heard there was going to be an expansion for "Isle of Skye: from Chieftain to King" from Mayfair, but now we've got the official unveiling.

Isle of Skye: Journeyman adds even more to the already popular game, by way of new scoring tiles, landscape tiles, bonus tiles and more. If you're a fan of Isle of Skye, you're no doubt going to want this, so jot down late November as the US release date for this one, just in time for Aussie Christmas trees.

Here's the official word:

Isle of Skye: Journeyman, is the first big expansion to Isle of Skye from designers Alexander Pfister and Andreas Pelikan.

Becoming a king is hard, but being a king is even harder. You need warriors to protect your kingdom, merchants to keep your treasury liquid and heralds which proclaim your popularity across the kingdom. Luckily, your best mate has agreed to take over the hard graft so that you concentrate becoming a glory chieftain.

Can't wait!
4 New scoring tiles
8 New landscape tiles
7 Gold coins
15 Roads
5 "50/100" VP markers
1 Rulebook
In each of the 5 player colors: 1 progress board,
6 markers, 9 bonus tiles, 1 Journeyman pawn