Brent Howland Interview Yo!

You may recall we gave you a heads up about Brent Howland’s “Jailbreakers: Plan Your Escape” a wee while back. Great news, the Kickstarter finished with a 384% goal completion. Better news, we hit Brent up for a little interview about gaming and he kindly said yes!

We’re going to see if we can nab Jailbreakers for a full review, in the meantime, let’s see what Brent had to say shall we?

Jailbreakers: Plan Your Escape, Finished on KickstarterJailbreakers: Plan Your Escape, Makes its Kickstarter goal! Huzzah!

Tell us about the inspiration behind Jailbreakers?
I was working on a press your luck dice-rolling game for awhile. When I was thinking of the theme I thought the idea of playing as prisoners trying to break out of jail fit perfectly. I always liked the idea of playing non-typical characters like a prisoner!

What were the most important steps you took in going from idea to concept to reality?
When I was creating Jailbreakers: Plan Your Escape it all started with a couple of ideas. I am fortunate enough to have a gamer group which is willing to play test my ideas rather than play testing a fully designed game. Working on ideas early is key. I think as long as you have a good strong foundation (A solid game) then everything else will follow.

Have your expectations of using Kickstarter been realised so far? Did you expect it to be easier or harder than the reality turned out to be?
I am really happy with my experiences with Kickstarter, they have made the entire process really easy on me. The discovery portion of Kickstarter is great and has been a huge help for my campaign.

What are you hoping for with this game? Are you hoping this becomes a full-time career?
I created this game originally just for my gamer group to play. That was my intention. They enjoyed it so much and recommended I share the game with everyone else so I did! It was never for the money! I do enjoy making games and sharing them with other gamers so if that turns out to be a full-time career I would be happy.

The artwork looks fantastic, how did you get Jacqui Davis involved?
I have been a huge fan of Jacqui Davis art. I knew right away that if I was going to create a game, she would have to do the art. I contacted her and we worked things out. She is great!

What have been some of the biggest hurdles you’ve faced during the Jailbreakers process?
Keeping the game simple. I wanted to create a game that was simple and easy for everyone to enjoy. The biggest hurdle was trying to incorporate as many ideas as I could without over complicating the game.

What are some of your favourite games to play?
Splendor, Biblios, Bohnanza, Machi Koro, Five Tribes

*The next obviously, what tabletop games have made you want to do a tableflip if any? *
Haha, good question. Dicetown and Nothing Personal have definitely made me want to flip the table. My gamer group loves to punch me in the face during games!

Cool guy, we’re really glad this project worked out for him. Thanks for the interview Brent.