Jumanji and Marvel Fluxx announced – News

Fluxx fans, the gift that keeps on giving is paying out once again, with Looney Labs bringing both a Marvel edition and a Jumanji edition to market.

Cardinal/Spinmaster and Looney Labs are pleased to announce a new partnership to create licensed card games for all channels. The companies are currently working on two games—Marvel Fluxx and Jumanji Fluxx. Both companies will publish versions of the games, each in the same slightly-larger-than-typical sized box. The Cardinal version will release with a $15 US MSRP for mass market, whereas the Looney Labs version will contain seven bonus cards, and will sell for $20 in specialty and hobby. In addition, both versions will display a premium poker chip style collectible turn token in a clear window on the front of the package! This is the start of a creative partnership between the two companies, which will see more jointly released games in the future.

Marvel Fluxx and Jumanji Fluxx announced by Looney Labs

Jumanji and Marvel Fluxx coming later this year from Looney Labs

Expect to see Jumanji and Marvel Fluxx Q3 this year.

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