Last year I posted a review of Smiths of Winterforge by Aaron Sparke, Dylan Shearer & Jennah Grimsey. It was a light Euro style worker placement game. You play as one of the dwarven guilds competing to acquire the royal contract. You seek out contracts and resources to forge the best weapons and equipment and prove you are the blacksmith worthy enough to look after the royal family. It was a great game and I had a lot of fun playing it. I was most upset to see that the Kickstarter did not succeed and the game failed to go to print. That was until Rule or Make got involved.
You may know Rule and Make for their games Rise to Power, Entropy, Burger Up, and more. With some additional experience on the team, the game received a facelift and has gone back to Kickstarter. I am not here to convince you to help this game succeed this time. I am happy to say that the game has already been successful in receiving its funding. In fact, the game has over doubled its target for a first print.
On Sunday I was invited back to play the updated Smiths of Winterforge. I have to say that I enjoyed playing the game before, I loved playing it this time. The few tweaks to the original design just help the game to pop. The risk reward is far more prominent and the different actions you can take are better integrated into the decision making. We had a wonderful time playing on Sunday and to prove it you can watch the complete playthrough below. If you want your own copy, the game is on Kickstarter until April 24. You can buy a copy outright for AU $49 or approximately $37US.

Smiths of Winterforge Playthrough