King of the Dice (aka Würfelkönig) by HABA coming soon

There's little argument that HABA do good games, their kids games as a whole are second to none, with gorgeous components, fun / simple gameplay and a broad range of genres.

The latest to his the US / English market is "King of Dice" (aka Würfelkönig already released). In The King of Dice you are a king (shocker!) and you've got a gorgeous kingdom, the only thing you lack is citizens!

You announce the merits of the kingdom all over the country – in the rich cities, to the crazy gnomes in their workshops, to the dwarves in their deep mines, and also to the orcs, fairies and the sorcerer's apprentices. But they aren't easily convinced; after all there are also other kings trying to win them over. That's why you need skill and luck with the dice to entice the best citizens to your kingdom. But watch out for village idiots and dragons. Otherwise your thriving kingdom will soon be a wretched wasteland, and you'll have to watch as someone else is crowned King of the Dice.

A card game for Ages 8+ King of Dice looks like it will be yet another nice game from Haba for the family market. It's already released stateside. Expect slightly longer for an Aussie release. Just look at that artwork... it's adorable.