Kingdomino Game Review

Kingdomino comes to us from well-loved game designer Bruno Cathala and artist Cyril Bouquet. A small box game, Kingdomino sees players building a tiny kingdom using a domino style mechanic. It’s super simple to play, nice to look at, but is it worth the money? Let’s take a look.

Let’s start by saying if you’re looking for a deep kingdom building game Kingdomino is not it. This is an ultra-light game for 2-4 players wherein you compete to have the highest scoring kingdom. The rules change dependent on the number of players, with a two-player game giving both players a double selection each turn.

Kingdomino game review by Gameapalooza Australia

Kingdomino box art showing how colorful it is.

Players start with a square kingdom tile and a little castle of their player color. During a turn some dominoes are placed out in number order low to high, generally the lower tiles are less powerful and the higher tiles score better. Each domino features two squares, both with some sort of landscape. Needless to say players need to place matching landscapes up against each other (at least one) in the hope of making a large area and thus scoring it well at the end.

Players place their king on the domino piece they want, placing your king on the lower tiles means you’ll get first choice next turn, thus giving you a better chance of getting your hands on a more powerful tile. Some tiles feature a crown icon (or more than one) and this works as a multiplier for end game scoring. Your Kingdomino kingdom is restricted to a 5×5 grid, thus upping the tension and strategy, whilst also keeping gameplay time short.

Kingdomino tabletop game review by gameapalooza Australia

Kingdomino contents, well made.
Cheers Blue Orange Games.

Kingdomino Components
The components in Kingdomino are great, the domino tiles – though cardboard – are nice and thick / sturdy with a nice gloss finish. The little castles are push together cardboard, but they do the job and the insert has room for them once together. The royal meeples are also great quality. Overall some nice quality in a little box.

Players: 2-4
Age: 8+
Playing Time: 15-20 Mins
Aussie Price: $30AUD

Kingdomino Overall
Overall Kingdomino is a nice little game, it only takes minutes to setup and play, it’s a quality build and it’s not too brain taxing. If you’re looking for a little filler game and you’re a fan of domino style gameplay, definitely give Kingdomino a look. It might be simple to play, but that doesnt mean there’s not a little strategy to be had (mixed with a little luck). I really enjoyed my time with Kingdomino and I’ll definitely be playing it again and taking it along to game days. Another nice game from Blue Orange games.