Labyrinth: The Board Game get deluxe game pieces and expansion

It doesn't matter how poorly received a game is if it's based on a popular IP it seems. Now don't get us wrong, the Labyrinth board game is beautifully made, it's just not a great game. So what could make it better? Deluxe Game Pieces apparently.

The Deluxe Game Pieces box includes five highly detailed playing pieces at three-times the size of the standard ones. Each figure has a felt base and is finished in weathered metallic paint.

The figures are definitely beautiful, but they're not cheap, with a set coming in at $100USD.

Along with the deluxe figures you'll soon be able to purchase the expansion set Labyrinth: The Board Game Goblins. The set contains five detailed collectible figurines to add to your collection of classic creatures from the movie.

The goblin infantry, cavalry, and artillery are expanded here with five new Labyrinth cards to go along with the units, and optional rules that relate to using them in-game.

Loads of Labyrinth goodness to play with if you've got the money.

More info at River Horse Games.