Le Havre reprint by Mayfair Games in 2017

As a certain game reviewer often says “if a board game is great, it will get a reprint”, apparently the folks at Mayfair Games think one such game is none other than “Le Havre”. The classic Uwe Rosenberg board game is set to get the reprint treatment next year. Here’s the official press info:

Le Havre has been out of print for a while but soon it will be sailing back into hobby game stores courtesy of Mayfair and Lookout Games. Let’s take a look at the game and why it’s a game you’ll definitely want to look at if you’re a fan of strategy games.

Each turn, players will reveal goods coming into the harbor. From there they take one of two main actions, either to take all the goods from one dock (all the accumulated wood or clay, for example) or to use their worker. Alternately, players can take special actions, to buy buildings, sell buildings or repay loans.

After 7 turns, the game advances to a new year, which requires players to feed their workers and allows them to take a harvest. During the harvest, players with 1 grain will grow an additional grain and players will two cattle will breed one additional cattle.

Le Havre board game remake 2017 - board game news by Gameapalooza AustraliaSail on into Le Havre, a brand new port in 2017

Le Havre plays 1-5 players, age range 12 and up, setup time 5–10 minutes, playing time 30-60 minutes per player. Games take between 30 and 150 minutes.

Will you be sailing into the new port of Le Havre?

Source: Mayfair Games.