Nature Fluxx from Looney LAbs

You can never have enough Fluxx in your life and now we’re getting in touch with Mother Nature thanks to “Nature Fluxx” from Looney Labs. With “rules that change like the weather” Nature Fluxx sees players adapting to survive in the wild.

Looney Labs Nature Fluxx an EcoFluxx reworking by Looney Labs - tabletop game news australiaNature Fluxx an evolution of EcoFluxx what’s not to like?

Kristin Looney of Looney Labs explained that “Though it’s evolved a little, as things in nature tend to do, it still maintains all the natural elements that made EcoFluxx so special.”

Similar to “EcoFluxx”, from back in 2005, this is a sort of environmentally-minded reworking of that game. If you’re a fan of Fluxx (and who isn’t), “Nature Fluxx” releases November 6 this year, with a US RRP of $16 (so expect to pay $30AUD as with other Fluxx titles).

Roll on November 6.