Lords of Waterdeep – Game Review

Had the chance to play Dungeons & Dragons board game “Lords of Waterdeep over the weekend and I have to say, it’s a bit of a ripper. Based in the realm of “Dungeons & Dragons”, board game “Lords of Waterdeep” sees you take on the role of one of the lords of the city. You recruit adventurers, send them on missions, purchase buildings and essentially try and make as much XP (Experience Points), money and completed quests as you can.

Though “Lords of Waterdeep” looks a tad confusing at first, one playthrough and you’ll be playing like a pro. There’s a fair bit to take in, but the game mechanic is simple and you’ll catch on straight away.

Lords of Waterdeep Dungeons and Dragons board game reviewAhh my liege, let me go over and snarf that for you! Heard in Lords of Waterdeep, not even kidding.

So how does it work, well, you have your main character card (the lord) and you need to try and fulfill quests. You do this by drawing quest cards and fulfilling the conditions on the card. Conditions are generally you need a certain amount of adventurers to complete a quest, you ‘collect’ these adventurers (tiny colored cubes: black / rogues, white / clerics, purple / wizards and , orange / fighters), finish a quest, get points, rinse and repeat.

That’s essentially the overall mechanic, though that makes it sound like it lacks depth, that really isn’t the case, the quests are varied enough to really give you that taste of adventure and there’s other things going on as well. Each round a player places their agent meeple onto the board and dependent of the location they choose they get certain powers and therein lay the strategy. There’s a little more to it than that, but who wants to read a review full of game rules, you really want to know if it’s worth your hard earned cash and it is. “Lords of Waterdeep” is a fun strategy board game in a fantasy setting. Definitely worth a look.

Game Build Quality
Regular retail version: Superb, sure the adventurer meeples could have been better shaped, but the board, cards, tokens, everything about it is quality. Now for a fancy edition with metal coin tokens, now that would be nice!

2-5 Players
Ages: 12+
Setup Time: 10 minutes (lots of card sorting / placement)

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Lords of Waterdeep is a great board game with some major depth. Sure the set-up time is a little meh, but once you’re in your groove with this one, you’ll be wondering why you’ve never tried a Dungeons & Dragons game before. Great stuff. [/authorinfo] [/author]