Love Letter Premium Edition

We’ll start by saying we love card game “Love Letter”, our main group combined probably owns in the region of 15-20 copies (given most of us own the various incarnations). It’s little surprise then that such a popular – and easily replicated – game would be seeing yet another release, this time as a premium edition.

Love Letter Premium Edition boxYet more Love Letter, this time Premium Edition.

“Love Letter” premium version will feature larger cards, a faux-velvet insert, fancy heart tokens and a magnetic close box. For larger game groups the bit you want to pay close attention to is it including a new expansion allowing for eight player games.

Love Letter Premium Edition card game release - Board game news AustraliaLove Letter Premium Edition. Well it looks nice, but it’s still Love Letter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Due out in November with a US MSRP of around $30USD, “Love Letter” premium edition comes with:
40 cards
40 card sleeves
26 wooden tokens (hearts)
16-page rulebook